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I've gathered information from all over the web about this breed of dog and I also speak from personal experience of owning a darling little Coton De Tulear named "Evy".

Within this site you will find information regarding the Coton De Tulear appearance. The personality and traits of this dog breed. Health concerns and best grooming practices for the Coton De Tulear. Training and exercise recommendations to help with your new puppy or dog. Also be sure to check out the intriguing history of the Coton De Tulear breed.

I hope this information will help you make your decision on whether you're ready to add a new Coton De Tulear puppy or adult dog to your family. Owning a Coton De Tulear is a lot of work and the dog grooming bills can get very expensive. But if they are shown the love and care they deserve, they will bring your family limitless joy.